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Journaling Memories
God gave us memories that we may have roses in December. Although these are not my own words, but a quote from a source long forgotten, I have returned to them frequently for their truth and beauty. Roses being one of my favorite flowers, It is an... Read More

Keeping A Journal Can Change Your Life!
"Keeping a journal will absolutely change your life in ways you've never imagined." - Oprah Winfrey Why is it so important to keep a journal? Here are just a few of the benefits a personal journal will provide you: * A journal will remind you of your... Read More

Introduction to Journaling
Ho do you begin journaling? How do you know what to write? How do you find time? There are many questions when it comes to keeping a journal and someone who may not have ever done it before may have problems trying to see themselves doing it now. ... Read More


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'Journaling is about more than just writing. Journaling is about keeping a life log. It is about discovering one's true self. It is about learning to live life to the fullest.'

         -- David Russ

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